For the Love of Rosemary

Today is my mother-in-law's birthday. She loves all things rosemary, so I knew I wanted to make her a rosemary birthday cake. I pilfered some fresh rosemary from her yard and found this recipe for Lemon Rosemary Layer Cake from Taste of Home. It was fantastic.  The birthday girl declared it the best cake she had ever tasted.  I know -- I've been blessed by the mother-in-law gods.  The only adaptations I made to the recipe were to make two layers instead of three, and I ended up whipping the frosting by hand -- with a little help from the man -- because my mixer died halfway through the process. This is a thick cake.  Also, based on some of the reviews, I beat the cake really well after adding each egg and then again after each addition of flour and sour cream so that it wouldn't end up dense. It didn't. It was perfect.  However, I should mention that the 25 minute prep time listed must be some overworked copy editor's idea of a joke. It might take 25 minutes if you have a sous chef chopping your rosemary, zesting your lemons and measuring out your ingredients. Otherwise, plan on spending the better part of an afternoon making this one.